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Leak Detection and Repair

Call The True-Pros for all of your leak detection and repair needs in Lake Worth, Florida Our technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to eliminate false leads and pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Don’t allow the damages from leaks happen to you!





Our Unique Service

Water leak detection can be a tedious job when attempting to identify weak points within your plumbing system. In order to effectively evaluate the path that the water may be taking to leave the plumbing system we use leak detector equipment and techniques that allow us to effectively pinpoint the troubling area. When performing these services we observe a few elements that allow us to understand if water is leaving the system. This would include pressure valve alterations by performing pressure testing depending on the plumbing system or simple identifying wet spots which could be a visual result of the leaking itself. The overall goal when providing water leak detection services is to identify if there is a leak, where the leak may be located and how to resolve the situation in order to help the plumbing system operate in the proper fashion. In some cases we also provide insight on how to properly maintain the plumbing system in order to reduce future issues such as blockage or leakage. We aim to help educate you during the process so that we reduce the probability of future issues that can be costly for you as the homeowner!

How To Detect a Water Leak

The are a handful of ways to test for water leaks within your plumbing system. Leaks generally start of as small issues, but if not detected in a timely manner this can cause larger leaks leading to more costly repairs. Testing for these leaks can be done by performing gas detection tests, pressure tests, video inspection tests or some other more unique detector strategies which are used during specific water leak situations. Aside from these techniques there are more simple strategies that can be performed which is generally how the technicians begin the leak detection process, in order to reduce possible costs for the homeowner. These basic tests can be performed by homeowners and are as simple as identifying the time a drain takes to fully empty, the smell of high sulfur or “rotten eggs” can be an indicator as well as increased monthly costs on your bill. If you are experiencing these issues, contact us today and learn how we can help you in an efficient and effective manner!

Why Choose The True Pro?

We guarantee the best service in order to fix your leak in the most effective manner for long term suitability. We treat all homeowners just as if it were our own home, which allows us to dedicate our efforts to the highest level of performance no matter what the job is. Over the years we have learned that in order to provide unique services the quality, trust and credibility our the most important credentials that we can offer the community, therefore we never jeopardize our business with insufficient work efforts! We truly believe in helping each and every person that we come across and want to bring true value to the plumbing and HVAC industry.


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Home Leak Repair Services

No matter where you have a leak in your house, The True Pros can help assist you with the best service in Lake Worth and surrounding areas! A water leak can be in your kitchen, your bathroom, your basement, the internal walls, ceiling and many more places, which can alter the fashion in which we identifying the causes and solutions. The main goal when identifying these leaking areas is to keep your best interests first, helping you reduce possible costs and optimal fix the situation. If you currently see wet areas on the ground, in the walls or ceiling then it is a must to give us a call so that we can come check the area in a timely fashion! The more you wait the more you risk larger leaks! Our team at The True Pros has over a decade of experience within the industry, which means that we’ve seen nearly everything! As experienced technicians it is our duty to make your water leak our number one priority and with our leak detection strategies we will offer high quality service from the moment you call! Contact us today for more information!

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