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Preventing Future Breakdown Repairs

This is the most obvious benefit. As the technician inspects your air conditioner, they will notice whether any parts are starting to look worn down, loose, or otherwise out of order.

Refrigerant coils that need to be recharged will get it. Filters that need cleaning will be emptied and straightened out. All of this tightening, replacing, and recharging will result in things not breaking suddenly and without warning at the worst possible moment.

Avoiding Rust 

This is less obvious but just as important. Rust is the enemy of functional machines. Regular maintenance includes lubricating moving parts and cleaning everything. That prevents rust from gradually building up to the point where it can stop motors in the middle of a humid summer.

Higher Efficiency, Lower Utility Bill

When a/c machines are tightened up, charged and filled, and especially with intake filters clear of debris, they work more efficiently, using less energy to do the same amount of work. That’s good for the machine itself, but also really good for your wallet.

Improved Safety

Any machine that uses electricity, chemical refrigerants and fast-moving metal parts have a lot of potential for things to get very ugly, and fast, if the wrong screw gets loose. Getting your a/c serviced on a regular basis reduces the chances of you seeing a small disaster unfold on the side of your house.

Longer Service Life

By scheduling an air conditioning tune-up you’ll find yourself enjoying your air conditioning all summer, for many more summers than you otherwise would.

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