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Top 5 Kitchen Styles

Some gifts are a bit big to put in a package under the tree—like kitchen remodels—and the holidays aren’t exactly the best time to be tearing your kitchen apart and putting it back together again. However, knowing the kind of kitchen that will best fit your...

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Why Your Sink Clogs and How to Prevent It

One of the worst kitchen nightmares—or home nightmares in general—is a clogged sink. Let’s face it, the prospect of attempting to unclog sink drain is downright horrible. Whatever is causing the blockage, it’s not something you want to get up close and personal with....

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Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Chances are we have all experienced the dreaded, embarrassing experience of realizing too late that the toilet is clogged once we’ve already flushed. In some instances, we can vigorously plunge the toilet to get the clog dislodged enough to continue moving down the...

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