One of the worst kitchen nightmares—or home nightmares in general—is a clogged sink. Let’s face it, the prospect of attempting to unclog sink drain is downright horrible. Whatever is causing the blockage, it’s not something you want to get up close and personal with. To help prevent these types of disasters, regardless of which room of the house you’re in, we’ve created this guide to sinks and why they clog.

The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are put through the most grief when it comes to sink usage, especially those that are equipped with a disposal. All kinds of materials get washed down the drain, from greasy water to all kinds of unmentionable leftover food, perhaps bits of paper towel or fruit stickers, and more. On top of that, if your kitchen sink’s drain is smaller than the drain pipe, it could lead to more clogs.

The Bathroom Sink

The battle of the bathroom sink is fought over something much smaller than food, but perhaps just as offensive when it comes to drain clogging—human hair. Hair has a nasty habit of sticking to every surface, especially if that surface is wet, meaning the sink bowl, drain, and pipe. Even those with short hair can expect a drain that clogs if enough of it accumulates.

The Bathtub Drain

If the bathroom sink has hair problems, it’s nothing compared to the amount of hair that goes through bathtub drains. They also have the added component of soap bits and shampoo residue that can build up in the drain. When these elements combine, you get a sort of mud-and-straw effect, making drain blockage pretty inevitable without proactive care.

These are the more common reasons associated with a backed up drain, though they definitely aren’t the only reasons. Simply add any objects that are regularly surrounding any drain of the home, like jewelry, hair ties, paper products, decorations, and more. Depending on the type of pipe leading away from the drain, the issue may lie in the shape, diameter, or length of the piping itself. Pipes that feature sharp angles and are smaller are much more likely to have issues with clogging.  

Sink Solutions

The best way to unclog sink drain is to prevent a clog from forming in the first place.

  • Remove as much food as possible from plates prior to washing.
  • Use a drain strainer.
  • Use cold water when using a garbage disposal. Turn the water on before starting the disposal, and let it run for a couple seconds after turning it off. Greasy or hard foods such as bones, celery, and coffee grounds should never be put into the disposal.
  • Use a drain maintenance product monthly for clear pipes and drains.

For drain blockages that seem too formidable to approach, contact a professional to evaluate the problem and get your sink or tub back in working condition. True-Pros is the place to go for any and all plumbing needs. With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to the highest quality of customer service, our professional plumbers are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your home.

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