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Natural gas keeps your home comfortable by providing heat, power to natural gas appliances, water heaters, spas, and even electricity. This makes it all the more important to keep steady maintenance, in order to prevent not only uncomfortable situations, but dangerous situations as well. Natural gas is highly flammable, and a leak could lead to a fire, explosion, or hazardous unbreathable air.

Luckily, having regular maintenance of your gas lines can keep them in pristine condition, and reduce the risk of leaks. Our True-Pro plumbers can help you keep your home safe and comfortable with their gas line maintenance, with services including:

  • Checking for leaks and weaknesses in your gas lines
  • Repairing hazardous conditions
  • Finding, inspecting, and repairing buried natural gas lines

What Gas Lines Are You Responsible For?

It might be surprising to homeowners to know that the gas company is only responsible for gas lines that go up to the meter. From the meter and into your home, homeowners are responsible for inspecting and maintaining their gas lines.

This means that all of your gas lines in your wall are your responsibility. This makes it even more important for the plumbers at True-Pro to inspect your gas lines and make sure that any needed repairs are done correctly. It’s essential to know for sure that your family and home are not only comfortable, but safe as well.

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