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Our highly trained team of Master Plumbers and Air Conditioning Specialists are ready to offer you quick, effective, and reasonable solutions.  We know that there is never a job too big or too small when it comes to the well-being of your home. Let us show you what a Master Plumber and Superior AC technician can do, we look forward to exceeding your expectations!


The plumbing system in your home is one of the hardest working and most important systems in your home. It goes through constant wear and tear and needs to have a “check up” just like you. Use our plumbing services to make sure that you catch issues before they cost you thousands of dollars and inconvenience you and your family.  LEARN MORE


Occasionally a plumbing issue can result in what is known as a pipe lining, which can recreate structure within your plumbing and sewer lines. When performing pipe lining work we use a multistep process that allows us to identify piping corrosion or structural damage, we then clear the pipe of build up and reline the piping with new lining which acts as a new center core.  LEARN MORE


Whether you’re concerned with minor maintenance issues, safety concerns, or a possible system failure, we do it all. No matter what you are looking for, we carry the products that you’re looking for along with the training, consultation and technical support that your situation requires to keep your home running smoothly.  LEARN MORE

Polybutylene Piping & Re-Piping

The complicated network of metal piping that allows your home to get to your facets can leak, freeze, burst, or crack. When these issues happen, act fast and call True-Pro to get the right plumbers to fix, reinforce or replace any pipe in your home with the peace of mind that comes from our expert technicians.  LEARN MORE

Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to redo your porcelain throne? Making sure that your dream shower and claw foot tub fit your vision isn’t nearly as important as making sure that you actually have running water in your pipes. We not only make your bathroom visions come true, but that you can actually soak in warm water!  LEARN MORE

Plumbing Inspections

Whether you suspect a problem in your pipes or are looking at moving homes, we can get to the bottom of things. When you use True-Pros inspection services, you can rest easy knowing that if there is a problem with your homes plumbing we will find it and help you find a solution.  LEARN MORE

Water Heater

Incorrectly installed water heaters can’t only cost you money with poor performance and energy costs, they can put your home and family in potential danger. If you need a new water installed or your correct water heater installed or repaired, True-Pro can take care of you from start to finish.  LEARN MORE

Fixture Plumbing

Having broken, outdated, or improperly working fixtures can be frustrating and costly. As a trusted locally owned plumbing service, True-Pro can quickly install your perfect figures quickly and efficiently. Make the bathroom your happy place once more and let us install and plumb your toilets, sinks, facets, and shower heads.  LEARN MORE

Maintenance & Repair

Don’t just trust anyone with your home or business’ pipes and plumbing, trust True-Pro. We know that plumbing maintenance is a job that requires a level of skill and expertise that only comes with time and practice. We have the experience and expertise to fix almost every variety of plumbing repair and maintenance.  LEARN MORE

Drain Cleaning

Owning a home opens you up to all sorts of problems that come from daily living. At some point your home or business will experience the joy of a clogged drain and need the expertise that comes only from a qualified plumber. No matter the cause, we have the answer!  LEARN MORE


When you own a business you know what it means to be counted on to fulfill your obligations. True-Pro holds itself to the same level of responsibility that you hold yourself to, and we know how important a role that plumbing can play in your business. We provide a resource that you can utilize to make sure that your business has a solid plumbing infrastructure.  LEARN MORE


Your home should be your oasis and somewhere you can relax and get away from your daily stresses, but what happens when you’re homes plumbing becomes one of those stresses? Call True-Pro! We specialize in residential plumbing issues, from bathroom remodeling to basic drainage clogs, we can get your home a place of relaxation again!  LEARN MORE

Sewer Inspection & Repair

Anything from tree roots, breaks, cracks, and industrial work can cause damage and issues to your homes sewer line. When you need you sewer inspected or repaired quickly, call True-Pro. Sewer issues don’t have a tendency to happen at the most convenient times, and we’re here to help.  LEARN MORE

Gas Lines

Gas lines are the heart of your home. They power your oven, fireplace, water heater, and other appliance that you rely on every day. When you need repairs on your gas line, it’s imperative that you call a trusted plumber to make sure that you’re not only getting fast and efficient service, but a quality job.

Video Camera Line Inspection

There’s no better way to insure that every inch of your plumbing has been inspected and is in good health than to use a video camera line. Make sure that any early issues that are facing your home can be taken care of before they develop into serious and costly problems.  LEARN MORE

Leak Detection

Unlike a burst pipe or broken gas line, leaks are more subtle but can still reek serious harm in your home. We are leaders in non-invasive and accurate leak detection. With over 20 years of experience backing us, we are confident that any leak you fear might be affecting your home can be found and repaired by any of our skilled technicians.  LEARN MORE

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The True-Pro team will always provide you with the complete home solutions that you need for every service! Our Master technicians offer honest diagnoses, never upsell, and will work with you to decide what works best for you.  We are always available when you need us, providing great, quality service.  Contact us today to ensure your home systems are always working perfectly. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all workmanship for your repair.


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