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Hi, We are excited to invite your company to participate in the LAKE WORTH HIGH SCHOOL Game Day Experience. 

We will be putting together game-day media packs this upcoming Football season. It is our goal to provide you with incredible advertising exposure while supporting the High School, and we have 4 avenues in which that goal will be accomplished. 



You will be the only BUSINESS on your BALL CAPS that will be sold throughout the season…and the school receives 100% of the proceeds for the items they sell!

  • PA Announcements at every game.
  • Shared Banner with your same ad
  • Social Media Shout Out for your Business
  • NEW COUPON PROGRAM will be included in multiple coupon options.  


All products are printed in school colors with the school information on the front side and your own custom designed ad on the entire back (logo, address, phone number, Facebook, “Proudly supporting the community”, etc.)!   

Freshman Pack = 3 Dozen caps+ 100 coupons + Thank You Banner + PA Announcements = $599.99 + $49.99 S&H

JV Pack =6 Dozen caps + 250 coupons + Thank You Banner + PA Announcements = $799.99 + $49.99 S&H  

Varsity Pack = 9 Dozen caps+ 500 coupons + Thank You Banner + PA Announcements = $1,099.99 + $49.99 S&H    

All Star Pack =12 Dozen caps  + 1000 coupons + Thank You Banner + PA Announcements = $1,399.99 + $59.99 S&H   

CHAMPIONSHIP PACK= 14 Dozen caps + 1200 coupons + Thank You Banner + PA Announcements = $1,999.99 + $99.99 S&H   

This spot includes a Pennant and your choice of 2 jackets or a feather Banner



For more information, you may click the link below;


or contact 682-498-7146

See you there!

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