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Take a seat on your throne—Pooping every day is so much more important than most people realize. It is the way we get rid of our body’s waste – that much is obvious. But it’s also the way we get rid of chemicals, heavy metals, and the junk that causes us to feel like…well, like poop. 

Toilet bowls aren’t the glamorous of bathroom fixtures, but they are perhaps one of the more important features in your bathroom. How can you improve some of the more intimate and private moments of your life?  Below, we’ve identified how a modern toilet bowl works;


First things first, if the toilet lid is closed, check to see if there is a button to automatically lift the lid.  This is usually denoted by a button with a graphic of the lid and seat.  Some models automatically raise the toilet lid as you approach the washlet.

Comfort Stool Height

So-called comfort-height toilets are about 2 inches taller than standard models, making it easier for aging baby boomers or anyone with mobility issues to sit down and stand back up. Models range from about 17 to 19 inches high (similar to sitting in a chair) and are usually compliant with ADA standards. Major manufacturers—including Kohler, American Standard, and Toto—all feature comfort-height models in a range of styles and prices.

Heated Seats

On a brisk, chilly morning, you’ll love to start by pressing the Seat Warmer button to toast your tush.  Depending on whether the washlet has an automatic, built-in heater, the seat could already be warm upon arrival.

Lots of new toilets come equipped with an electrically warmed perch, and some high-end models, will even warm your chilly bare toes while it plays your favorite playlist and treats you to a colored light show.

Dual-Flush Action

While eco-conscious Europeans have been using dual flush toilets for the last couple of decades, Americans have only recently gotten a handle on their money-saving benefits. Two buttons on the tank give you the option for either a full flush (recommended for solid waste) or a lighter flush for liquid-only waste. These toilets minimize the risk of clogs compared to standard toilets. Some high-efficiency models, go even further, offering water savings that are well under the government’s 1.6 gallon-per-flush standard.

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Integrated Bidets

Many high-tech toilets incorporate a bidet function, this excellent personal hygiene tool may finally gain some ground in the American bathroom. Japanese manufacturer Toto’s washlet toilet with integrated bidet promises a “natural, purifying experience that will leave you clean and happy,” thanks to its remote-control operation, heated seat, and soothing aerated spray. Some lower price toilets offer a bidet seat that can be attached to almost any toilet. It’s packed with features that promise a home spa experience, including a heated seat, two self-cleaning nozzles, and an adjustable warm air dryer.

Added features found in some bidet toilet seats include:

  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • A heated air dryer

Motion-Activated Seats

Install an automated toilet lid and you’ll never get scolded for leaving the seat up again. The iTouchless toilet employs infrared sensors that raise the lid as you approach (the seat rises with the wave of a hand). When the toilet is unoccupied, both seat and lid automatically lower. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts up to three months.

Automatic Deodorizer

Automatic air freshener features are built into some super toilets or can be added to an existing toilet, which sells for less than $100.

No-Touch Flush

Toilets with automatic, touchless flush mechanisms are no longer unusual, and no longer even all that expensive. The feature is, of course, found on most expensive super toilets, but there are automatic flush features now available for standard residential toilets that nowhere near expensive as you think. These toilets work by means of an infrared sensing eye that initiates a flush merely by waving your hand over the sensor eye. There also after-market devices you can buy and install to convert an ordinary toilet to an automatic flushing model.

Built-In Night Lights

Several super-toilet come with built-in night lights that cause the toilet bowl to glow with a soothing blue light at night.

Touch-Screen Remote

Virtually all the high-end super toilets come with a remote-control device that lets you operate the bidet features, air dryer mechanism, the blue-tooth music, the flush features, and any other extravagant functions integrated into the toilet. The remote is especially helpful for those with limited mobility.

For people with limited mobility, we can offer grab bars and other devices to make your bathroom experience easier. If you’ve recently purchased a high-tech toilet and are ready to have your bathroom enter the 21st century, let the plumbing Pros help with the installation process! Our toilet replacement services are performed by fully-licensed and insured plumbers at a reasonable rate. 

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