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Some of the causes of high water pressure in your home can lie outside of the homeowner’s control. This means the best a homeowner can do is to educate themselves on the signs of increased water pressure within their home so they can alert their local water company. Let’s look at some red flags you can watch for to detect high water pressure;


Listen to Your Toilet One way to detect high pressure is to listen to your toilet. If your toilet is constantly running it may be due to high pressure. Sometimes the flapper is worn out and does not seat properly, thus allowing unwanted water to escape into the tank. Another possible cause is your fill valve. When the toilet is flushed, the water empties in the tank and are replaced by new water. When the valve is malfunctioning it could be continuously adding water and the excess, draining through the emergency drain valve, is creating the running water sound. This excess is caused by high water pressure.


A Leaky Clue A faucet that leaks at the base is another indicator that water pressure is too high. When water is running too fast in your pipes at great pressure, the water will seek relief through small holes in the pipes or through loose valves and deteriorating seals. Replacing the seals or tightening loose joints will temporarily solve your problem, but the source of the leaking must also be addressed for a long term solution.


Appliance Problems If you hear noise coming from your appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine or if they are leaking it could mean that high-pressure water may be at play. High pressure can wear out the parts of your appliances that let water in and keep water contained, thus creating potential disasters that could cost a lot of money to repair.  The washing machine hoses are attached to the cold and hot water supply. For those who have laundry areas on the second floor, it is imperative that they keep these hoses in good repair to avoid disastrous floods. It is recommended that every five years washing machine hoses be replaced. If you notice your water hoses are leaking this could be a sign that your water pressure is too high.


A Message From Your Lukewarm Water- Water heaters can also show signs of high pressured water. Water heaters are designed to let cold water into the heater’s tank at the base, replacing the hot water exiting the top of the tank when hot water is needed in the home. When water pressure is too high, more than normal amounts of cold water will enter the water heater tank. This lowers the overall temperature of all the water and, since the hot water heater does not have the capacity to heat the cold water fast enough,  the result is lukewarm water.



Becoming aware of all the possible red flags indicating a high-pressure situation, can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs and wasted water.  Fast-moving water has its advantages such as in the shower, but it is not recommended for indoor pipes and home appliances. Steady water pressure allows for a maximum lifespan for your appliances and clear flowing pipes bring fewer concerns about leaks and flooding.



What’s wrong with high water pressure?

High water pressure can feel nice on your skin, but generally, it’s hard on your pipes and plumbing system. Too much pressure can lead to cracked or burst pipes and excessive use of water.


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