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We all love our pets. They make great companions and they love us no matter what! From dogs to cats to bunnies, furry friends can be found everywhere. Owning pets have shown to improve mood and mental health. The benefits seem endless…

However our pets can negatively affect our air quality. From pet dander, to other allergens our buddies shed, it’s just a matter of time before they float around the air just to be breathed in. Not to mention what other irritants and pollens they can bring in your home from outside. It’s estimated 3 in 10 who suffer from allergies are actually allergic to their pets and for the most part, they aren’t actually allergic to their pet, but more so their pet’s dander.

Pet dander impacts your air quality because of how small it is, it’s so light, it can stay in the air for a long time. In fact, pet dander is more likely to stick around in the air longer than dust mites!

Just because you find yourself or a loved one allergic to pet dander, you don’t have to get rid of your furry friend. Depending on the level of reaction, there are many solutions to increase the air quality within your home and help take care of the allergens being introduced by your pet.

To achieve better air quality, make sure you have regular cleanings scheduled and make sure you keep your ducts and filters clean!

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