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What is C.I.P.P. & Pipe Coating?

CIPP-Cure In Place Piping is a process where an old deteriorated, or failing, waste pipe is rejuvenated and reinstated to service a waste system as if it were new. This is achieved by inserting a new lining that is heat cured within the old pipe forming a new, unobstructed and smooth surface, restoring original load capacity.

Pipe Coating is a process where a two-part heat treated epoxy is applied to the inside wall of an aging waste pipe to fill and seal imperfections, minor cracks, and leaks, leaving a smooth unobstructed pathway for waste to flow.

Do I Need C.I.P.P. or Pipe Coating?

After a thorough inspection performed by one of our factory certified technicians determining the condition of a system we can recommend which is best for your situation. In short, a pipe deteriorating to the point that its structural integrity is failing with a likely collapse, CIPP is a better option. Waste systems only showing the first stages of failure, such as small cracks or leaks, but retaining structural integrity can be restored with coating.


C.I.P.P. and Pipe Coating Process

1. Evaluation – A thorough video inspection is performed in assessing the level of deterioration, scale, general condition and pitch of waste system piping.

2. Clearing and Cleaning – based on the results from the video inspection a tailored combination of mechanical clearing, hydro jetting and chemical treatment is performed to prepare the waste piping for a smooth and permanent repair.

3. Inspection – Another video inspection is performed to assure the clearing and cleaning process achieved the correct results to continue in the lining or coating process.

4. Drying – Utilizing a gas or electric high velocity air heater (based on pipe size and length) the piping is completely dried to guarantee a strong bond between the existing pipe and new lining/ coating.

5. C.I.P.P. or Coating – After drying the C.I.P.P. or Coating process can be performed.

6. Curing – A heat treated process circulating pressurized hot water throughout the new C.I.P.P. Bonding and hardening the chemicals to create a structurally strong new pipe.

7. Re-Instatement – After the curing process has been completed. A high speed boring machine is used to drill out all entryways. This will restore proper drainage.

8. Final Inspection – A third and final detailed video inspection is performed to look for any defects or imperfections.

9. Completion – Upon passing the final inspection your sanitary waste system is back up and running to its original design specifications.

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